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D04 Multi-link Signal Relay

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The D04 is a multi-link signal relay system that can simultaneously transmit two independent S-BUS data and one serial port data. By using D04 signal relay the remote control signal can be enhanced and transmitted to the air unit together with the TTL signal. So D04 Multi-link Signal Relay solves the problem of short transmission distance of the remote controller and datalink.

D04 features small size, good integration and high sensitivity. D04 is intergrated with microhard module(P900) and the grount unit is intergrated with wireless network module (WIFI or BLE can be selected according to requirements), so users can connect to D04 ground unit by wireless network or USB data cable. The wireless network can reach a stable coverage of 30~50M without interference. The maximum communication distance of D04 is up to 30KM.



Material: aluminium alloy
Working Frequency: 900M
Baud rate: 1200-115200bps
Working Current: 300mA
Power: 0.1-1W(adjustable)
Battery Capacity:6000mAh
Voltage: 12.6v(ground unit);7.4-12V(air unit)
Working temperature: -10℃ to +60℃
Weight: 55g(air unit); 610g(ground unit)
Size: 113x113x44mm(ground unit) 50x40x14mm(air unit)


Your Purchase Includes:

1x D04 Multi-link Signal Relay Ground unit
1x D04 Multi-link Signal Relay Air Unit
1x USB Cable
1x Power Cable
1x Cable for Air Unit Parameter Tuning
1x Charger for Ground Unit

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