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EH640TM Series 30x Optical/14x Zoom IR Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal (Temperature Measuring Version) -stop production

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EH640TM Series (temperature measuring version) is a dual-sensor 14x/30x optical zoom thermal camera with 3-axis gimbal, which includes a 14x/30x zoom camera and a 704*576 thermal camera. It supports 1080P/4K max.50fps full HD video output with Ethernet port and Max.128G SD card. And it also supports Sbus control with an OSD module.

The temperature measuring sensor allows four points’ temperature ranging between -20~800 to be measured and displayed on screen, which are maximum temperature,center temperature, minimum temperature and average temperature. EH640AC supports 15 thermal imaging pseudo-color patterns, giving more options to various scenarios.

And with its 3-axis high-precision stabilization technology, whose accuracy is ±0.008°, it can record stable HD videos without shake, giving you smooth video.

EH640TM Series involves a coaction of electronic and optical fog penetrate technology to enhance the image quality: the electronic type relies on a built-in chip to process the pictures while the optical type adds a fog filter to the lens.

Using the object tracking function, along with its dual-sensor lens, it can easily perform target lock or moving object tracking during the day or at night. EH640TM Series adopts fast assembly design, and it is interchangeable with EH30 Series. It supports multi-platform mounting, making it easy to mount on a variety of multirotors like Rhea 160 Hexacopter, Gaia 160S, etc.

It can be easily operated through GCS to execute commands like one-key to zoom or one-key centering, or adjust digital zoom between 1-4x for the white light camera, realizing Max.120 zoom. With a pad, it can achieve more functions like point-to-zoom or point-to-track.

EH640TM Series can be applied in many fields like powerline inspection, body temperature scanning, fire source detection and rescue.


Your Purchase Includes:

1x EH640TM Series 30x/14x Optical Zoom IR Thermal Camera with 3-axis Gimbal (Temperature Measuring Version) 

1x Gateway Damping Plate
1x Network Cable

1x OSD Module

Manual Downlod

GCS (Gimbal camera control; screen display; change IP address of the camera)

Wincc (needs OSD module) (Channel setting; camera firmware upgrade)

(As for parameter configuration, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J__o42im5K8)

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