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  1. DA001 Arm V2

    This is the new version of D130 Arm

  2. D130 X8 V2 A3 6S COMBO
    Foxtech, Giant Combo, Long Flight Time, Heavy Duty, Multicopter
  3. D130 X8 V2 A3 12S COMBO
    Based on D130 Version I‘s success, the strength and flight time of Version II are improved to meet higher requirements. 
    Removing Version I center damper plate, the strengthened center plate consists of 4mm carbon fiber plate with reinforcement ring and 4mm aluminum plate; the thickened arm tube is still 30mm in diameter but 2mm thickness now; the new landing gear system is with optimized standing angle which gives more space to take larger photography equipment, the optional dual landing gear makes landing still stable even with heavier load; the upgrade power system is formed with T-Motor Flame 80A ESC ,U8 KV100, and Foxtech Supreme 2880 Pro Propeller, under 12S, the take-off weight can reach 24kg maximum, the flight time is 48minutes without load .
    Foxtech D130 V-II brings all innovations, technology and experimental tests together to make such bright change.
  4. D130 X8 V2 Frame
    Foxtech, Octocopter, Long Flight Time, Heavy Duty, Multicopter, Frame
  5. Foxtech D130 X8 V2 U10 Combo

    D130 X8 V2 U10 combo upgraded package include: D130 V2 frame+ T-motor U10 motors+Foxtech multi-pal 80A-HV ESC + Supreme 2880 pro propellers.
    Foxtech D130 X8 V2 U10 Combo increases max payload to 34kg and insures more powerful thrust.

  6. D130 X8 Titan Version Combo
    D130 (Devourer 130) Titan is a great milestone of Foxtech product line. It can lift very heavy load with a relatively small wheelbase, combining with its folding arms and landing gears, D130 Titan can be your ideal tools for aerophotography,emergency rescue,aero-logistics and other applications more than your wildest imagination. D130 Titan uses FOC ESCs and high power motors that ensure very fast response and very big loading capacity and a very stable fly performance within its thrust range. Being an very unique X8 co-axial multicopter,D130 has at least 20 kg lifting capacity on each arm, and each arm has enough redundancy power , so the D130 can still fly even with two motor failure on different arms. D130 Titan is equipped with dual folding landing gear system, it has enough space between the center board and the ground that can hold a red epic camera and its gimbal. The dual landing gear system can also sustain some impact in case of a hard landing, which can not be done with those single landing gear system. You can also ask for a customized D130 Titan multicopter,with a strong technical team, Foxtech is able to design and build the parts you need that should be able to make D130 able to lift heavy load over distance, or to be an agriculture sprayer, water gun drone, illumination drone and any other drone types that you can imagine.
  7. DF006 Arm Folding Attaching Clamp
    Foxtech, D130, Giant Multirotor, Accessory, Arm Clamp
  8. DA002 Arm Mounting Rack
    Foxtech, D130, Giant Multirotor, Accessory, Arm Rack
  9. D130 Single Landing Gear
    Foxtech, D130, Giant Multirotor, Accessory, Landing Gear
  10. D130 Dual Landing Gear
    Foxtech, D130, Giant Multirotor, Accessory, Landing Gear

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