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GAMA PPK Kit for DJI PHANTOM 4 and Mavic 2 All Series

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The upgrade version is released! And the GAMA PPK advanced edition and PPK for Mavic 2 series is now stop production.

Compared to the advanced version, the GAMA PPK upgrade version is more convenient in using, reducing the step of inserting TF card since the upgrade version has a inner storage of 512MB and easier to mount.


GAMA PPK device is an efficient and reliable system designed for PHANTOM 4 and Mavic 2 all series for high accuracy mapping and photogrammetry, which can lower down project cost by reducing ground control points and yet achieve the better accuracy.

Using high-precision GNSS, OEM board, the receiver can track and observe all GNSS satellite signals as much as possible, including Beidou, GPS, GLONASS signal. Accurate positioning to the centimeter level can be achieved by adding GAMA PPK. The aerial survey error can be reduced to less than 5cm. With this GAMA PPK system DJI PHANTOM 4PRO not only achieves an accuracy of 3-5cm consistently, but also has potential to achieve an accuracy up to 2cm without the need of ground control points, which requires investments of time and money.

The PPK does not need a real-time data link with a base station during a flight. All GNSS positioning data are stored on board in the PPK system on the aircraft,so that, after collection, it is post-processed by combining with data from a base station installed near the project site to create high-quality orthomosaic and digital surface models. There is no doubt that it is a good choice for high-precision mapping and photogrammetry jobs.

Main Features:
-Affordable professional-grade survey solution.
-Easy to achieve centimeter accuracy within 5cm.
-No need to dismantle the machine, and the operation is simple.
-It is so light that it has no effect on the original flight time.
-Built-in battery, charging once, it can work for 12 hours.
-The external sensor can intercept the camera trigger signal.
-Easy to use and with free post processing software.
-Without ground image control points, even complex terrain image control points can be reduced by more than 80%.
-The PPK kit can be installed on PHANTOM 4 and Mavic 2 All Series.
-Support for modern mission planning and execution software (Pix4Dcapture, Map Pilot, GS Pro).
-Photogrammetric Product Support: Agisoft Metashape, Pix4Dmapper, Bentley Context Capture.

Your Purchase Includes:

1x PPK module
1x Antenna
1x Feeder
1x DJI trigger module

Manual Download

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