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PWM Output Liquid Level Senser

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Liquid level sensor is used to measure the level of the free-flowing substances. Such substances include water, oil, gasoline, diesel, agricultural chemicals, etc. These substances tend to get settled in the container tanks due to gravity and maintain their level in rest state. Level sensors measure their level against a pre-set reference.


Weight: 34g
Power supply: DC 3~6V
Dimension: 24x24x21mm
Range: 30 cm water or other liquid comparable
Output: 5V 50 Hz PWM, 0%-1100us 100%-1900us
Precision: 5%
Calibration: Yes
Service Temperature: -20 ~ 40 °C

Your Purchase Includes:
1x Liquid Level Senser
1x A(yellow) hose
1x B(green) hose
1x PWM signal cable


a. We recommend to install sensor above the liquid container. A/B hoses go into the container through the top of the container.
b. A hose goes into container from top. Keep hose end above the liquid and in the container.
c. B hose goes into container from the top. Make sure its end lies on the bottom of liquid container.


a. The green status light is on when power supplied.
b. Calibrate 0% empty level: when container is empty, press calibration button 5 seconds, status light begin to blink. 0% liquid level is calibrated.
c. Calibrate 100% full level: Fill the container full with liquid. Press calibration button 5 seconds, status light stops blinking. 100% liquid level is calibrated.
d. Calibrate again when container is changed or the sensor does not work properly.

a. Connect PWM output port to UAV flight control or Data Acquisition Module.
b. Power on. The green status light is on. The sensor works.

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