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3010 Carbon Fiber Propeller

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3010 CF Propeller is specifically designed for heavy duty multicotpers.This 3010 CF Propeller is 160g. It features higher strength, lower vibration and better antitorque.This 3010 CF propeller is also well balanced, polished and reinforced. It guarantees very little deformation even with very high load and give you a safe and quiet fly. Its excellent air dynamic design greatly improves efficiency. This 3010 CF propeller is compatible with XRotor 8120 100kv motor.



Material: carbon fiber
1x10mm hole in the center
8x3mm hole around the center hole
Length:30 inch
Pitch:10.0 inch
Each weight:160g


Your Purchase Includes:
-1x CF clockwise propeller
-1x CF counterclockwise propeller
-2x 10-8mm Adapter

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