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  1. Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set with Here 2 GNSS
    Pixhawk 2.1 is open source autopilot featuring triple redundancy IMU system, vibration dampening system, anti-jamming and stability. And the GPS module features more accurate positioning, faster response.
  2. Here 2 GNSS(M8N) GPS Unit
    Here 2 GPS mudule features more accurate positioning, faster response, and colorful LED lights for visible indications of UAV status.
  3. JIYI K3-A Agricultural UAV Flight Controller
    JIYI K3-A flight controller is designed for agricultural UAV which can meet the multiple requirements of the current agricultural UAV. This flight controller supports automatic operation,semi-automatic operation and manual operation. This flight controller also could realize the Real-time monitoring function to monitor the pesticide flow, achieve intelligent spraying. K3-A flight controller could provide more efficient,accurate and convenient way of plant protection work.
  4. Here+ RTK GNSS Set
    Here+ RTK is centimeter level GNSS position system designed for the pixhawk 2. Using integrated real time kinematics (RTK) give you centimeter accurate positioning through concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS at the same time (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou). Here+ is one one of the smallest, lightest and most power efficient RTK module available on the market. In addition to the size and cost advantage, this module has an industry leading navigation sensitivity of -167dBm.
  5. Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller with GPS Combo
    Radiolink Pixhawk is a real king of the open source flight controller made by Radiolink. On the basis of 3DR PIX function, it developes optimized circuit design and creative design automation software QA system, which guarantee the quality of product.
  6. RadioLink M8N GPS SE100
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    50 centimeters position accuracy, positioning 20 satellites in 6 seconds at open ground, supper valley station-keeping ability, wise and farsighted not only performance design, full of science magic from function to appearance design.

  7. Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller
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    Special Price $121.99

    32-bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 core with FPU
    168 MHz / 256 KB RAM / 2 MB Flash
    32 bit STM32F100 failsafe co-processor

    ST Micro L3GD20H 16-bit gyroscope
    ST Micro LSM303D 14-bit accelerometer / magnetometer
    Invensense MPU 6000 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope
    MEAS MS5611 barometer

  8. Tarot CC3D Openpilot flight controller(TL300D)
    Tarot, CC3D, Openpilot, flight controller,foxtech
  9. Tarot Mini CC3D Flight Controller(TL300D2)
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    Tarot Mini CC3D Flight Controller is suitable for Tarot 200, 250 and other small size racing multicopters.
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    Regular Price: $124.99

    Special Price $121.24

    open source,CC3D,real time telemetry information,Micro-controller,high precision GPS

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