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Foxtech PG20 V1.1 Dual Battery Swapping Board

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Note: If equip Nimbus VTOL with PG20 V1.1,  please use 5008 motor as Nimbus tail motor to avoid excessive power consumption while landing. 




PG20 V1.1 is a new version dual battery swapping board that supports low voltage protection.

This power governer device increased at least 30% flight time of Nimbus VTOL and lowered the discharge rate requirement of the main battery. By using PG20 V1.1 dual battery swapping board, we can use one smaller but high discharge rate battery for Nimbus take-off and landing, use one big capacity but low discharge rate battery for cruising in fixed wing mode.


As we know Nimbus V2 VTOL uses 1x 6S 2200mAh lipo battery for VTOL take-off and landing,1x 6S 16000mAh Li-ion battery(for cruising). By using PG20 V1.1, if the voltage of 2200mAh lipo battery(for VTOL take-off and landing) suddenly drops below 20V, this battery will be automatically switched to main battery(cruising battery) to ensure a safe "multirotor" type landing.



If the voltage of Battery A drops below 18V, the Battery A will not be switched to Battery B;
If the voltage of Battery B drops below 20.4V and the voltage of Battery A is higher than 18V, Battery B will be switched to Battery A; If the voltage of Battery B recovers to 21.4V, Battery A will be switched to Battery B again.

If your Nimbus or other VTOL is equipped with PG20 V1.1 dual battery swapping board, please remember to replace the 6s 2200mah lipo battery(vtol battery) with a new one after each take-off and landing.



Battery Interface: 2
Max Input Voltage: 25.2V
Minimum Voltage(Battery A): 10V
Minimum Voltage(Battery B): 10V
Protection Voltage(battery B): 20.4V
Working Temperature: 40°(25V/40A)
Max Working Temperature: 85°
Output  Continuous Current: 80A
Output Peak Current: 100A(3s)
Max Output Power: 2000W
PWM Pulse Width Range: 800us~2200us
PWM Signal Amplitude: 5V


1. Main battery and auxiliary battery switched by PWM signal, Pulse Width Range is 1000us~2000us.
2. When the Pulse Width during 1800us-2200us, switch to B battery.
3. When the Pulse Width during 800us-1200us, switch to A battery.
4. Switch from main to auxiliary battery: When the auxiliary battery voltage is within the normal range, it will be successfully switched to the auxiliary battery and the main battery will be disconnected.
5. Switch from auxiliary battery to main battery: When the voltage of the main battery is within the normal range, it will be switched to the main battery and the auxiliary battery will be disconnected.


Your Purchase Includes:

1x Foxtech PG20 V1.1 Dual Battery Swapping Board

Equip Nimbus with PG20 V1.1: The take-off time and landing time should not exceed 1.5 min if 2200 6S is used under VTOL mode; And if it takes off and lands in a high altitude area, then it better be within 1 min. Also please monitor the voltage of the two batteries in mission planner.

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