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  1. DJI A3 Flight Controller-Free Shipping
    DJI,A3,Flight control,flight controller
  2. Semidetached Loading System for Map-02 Mapping Camera
    This map-02(map02) mapping camera semidetached loading system(camera holder) is especially designed for Nimbus VTOL.
  3. 1450MHz High Gain 11dBi GRP Omnidirectional Antenna(2 Segments)
    This is 1450MHz(1.4g antenna) high gain 11dBi omnidirectional antenna for long range transmission.
  4. CUAV PW-LINK WIFI Digital Transmission Module
    This PW-Link is 2.4G wireless data transmission module, transmission distance is 450 meters. it features small size, long transmission distance, stable data, convenient connection.
  5. Rlink 433MHz Long Range UHF TX and 8CH SBUS RX Combo

    High sensitivity, up to -115dbm
    16Bit ID, RAFHSS algorithm
    Support almost all 2-18CH transmitter only if there is coach port
    Power two mode switchable: 400mW/800mW, Built-in buzzer, suggest use high power mode only under out of control situatio
    Support sending port one button setting protection
    Support head tracker, plug and play
    Independent 2-way PPM input, support 2 transmitter input synchrony
    Support one to more, or more to one
    Frequency 410M-510MHz adjustable
    Transmitter/receiver built-in Micro USB port
    Transmitter EXT port used for expansion function, built-in support Futaba SBUS and Spektrum/JR satellite port protocol, support external rock control, 2-way communication, external BLT connection
    Tested transmitter included: Futaba, Spektrum/JR,Turnigy/Flysky/Imax 9X2, Frsky Tarinis, WLFY, Walkera, etc.

  6. 1655 MARKII Matte Carbon Fiber Propeller CW&CCW
    18inch,markii,matte,carbon fiber,multirotor,high efficiency,well balanced,foxtech,markII
  7. Map-02 Mounting Plate for Nimbus VTOL
    The plates are designed for Nimbus VTOL mapping and survey version to load mapping cameras like map01 and map02.
  8. Map-A7R Mounting Plate for Nimbus VTOL
    The plates are designed for Nimbus VTOL mapping and survey version to load mapping cameras like map a7r.
  9. 77GHz Millimeter-Wave Obstacle Avoidance Radar
    77GHz millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance radar can display the distance and orientation of the drone to the obstacle in real time, has high detection accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, and is compatible with APM open source flight control protocol.
  10. High-Precision Landing System for Drones
    The latest precision landing system for UAV has good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and compatible with a variety of flight controllers, such as Pixhawk, PX4, DJI A3/N3 etc. The landing accuracy is controlled within 10cm.

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