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24GHz Millimeter-Wave Obstacle Avoidance Radar

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The 24GHz millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance radar provides high-reliability and high-stability environmental sensing capability to the drone by integrating multi-angle millimeter-wave radar to actively detect target obstacles on the flight path.

The millimeter-wave radar features lightweight, high integration design,great real-time performance, stable target tracking, convenient installation and mounting. Millimeter-wave radar adopts highly integrated MMIC radar solution, advanced target detection algorithm, with low power consumption, high stability and low latency, target refresh rate of 50Hz.

Based on the millimeter wave radar sensor to build an obstacle avoidance sensing system, the millimeter wave radar can fully utilize the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, and provide a low-cost and high-reliability solution for the obstacle avoidance of the drone, and outputs the target information through the standard UART/CAN interface. The millimeter-wave radar can be easily integrated with  PIXHAWK, and it is especially suitable for industrial drones and robots.


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