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  1. Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL
    Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL is a quick-assemble, reliable high performance VTOL specifically design for mapping. It features aerodynamic shape with 2160mm wingspan and 1200mm fuselage. The quick-assemble design allows you to assemble it easily without any tools. Made from EPO and reinforced by carbon tubes that are of high tensile strength and low weight, the whole frame is durable and portable, weighing only 1kg. “4+1” motor design, Map-01, Map-A7R, 3DM V3 or Argus V2
  2. Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL Mapping Package

    As low as: $2,808.00

    Three new Loong VTOL mapping packages are recommended. Each package includes a flight controller, high pixels mapping camera, long range wireless transmission module, high-precision PPK, and a radio controller. Package 3 also includes an FPV Camera.
  3. Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL Inspection Version
    Foxtech Loong 2160 VTOL Inspection Version quipped with MX16 ground control station and Seeker-10/EH314 gimbal camera can realize 10km transmissin range and 70 endurance at least.

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