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High Suction Low Output Pressure Gasoline Pump

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This fuel system uses a self-priming two-way gear pump which is designed for fueling and features large suction, low-pressure output and high flow.

The gasoline pump consists of a full aluminum alloy gear pump made by CNC precision machining, 0.5kg·cm high torque motor and other all-metal gears.

The output of the two-way gear pump is linear, i. e., the higher the speed the higher the output power, the greater the suction, the greater the output pressure (maximum +0.25MPa) and the greater the output flow.

The plugs of the pump are XT60 and it supports 2200~5200mAh 3S battery.

The gasoline pump, equipped with the Foxtech Filler Neck Components Set, is available for Altair-370.


Specification(@ 12V):

Self-priming Suction Force: -0.1 ~ -0.097MPa

Output Pressure: +0.23MPa ~ +0.25MPa

Output Flow: 1850ml/min

Oil Tank Volume: 25L


Gasoline Pump: 140*110*55mm

Gasoline Pump&Oil Tank:420*310*500mm


Gasoline Pump: 1kg

Gasoline Pump&Oil Tank:6.5kg 



-High Suction

-High Flow

-Low Output Pressure


Your Purchase Includes

Gas Pump Package:

1x Gasoline Pump

1x Fuel Hose with Weight

1x Fuel Filter

1x Mounting Plate

1x Fuel Outlet Fitting


Gas Pump&Oil Tank:

1x Gas Pump&Oil Tank Set(excluding battery)

1x Fuel Outlet Fitting

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