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Foxtech Halo-60 EFI Engine with Generator

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Halo-60 is a 60cc double-cylinder EFI engine. Via applying the optimal fuel/air ratio and ignition time, Halo-60 provides more stable and reliable performance and higher efficiency. The power generation version also equips a generator that can produce 14V 180W power for onboard devices.

Double-cylinder placed opposed to each other symmetrically is suitable for various platforms and convenient for mounting.

The smart EFI engine seeks the best fuel/air ratio and ignition time to determine the precise amount of fuel that the injector needs to deliver and eliminate random engine stoppages and other problems due to sub-optimal choices so that the efficiency is improved and loss is reduced. EFI engine also needs less maintenance.

The equipped ECU(electronic control unit) gathers more parameters of other modules and provides faster responses to change speed; detects faults of the engine and shuts it down in time if necessary. With its help, the emission can be lowered, fuel consumption can be reduced and the overall performance can be improved.

A fully self-designed electronic fuel pressure regulator with self-priming capability and closed-loop electronic pressure control system allows precise control of oil pressure and no need returning oil to the fuel tank. The power consumption of the fuel pressure regulator is only 3W.

The CDI module provides stable and reliable ignition spark for the engine with shorter charging time. With this device, adjustments under different using conditions can be reduced. Shorter rising time of the spark eases the risk of carbon deposition which means less impact on spark plug and longer lifetime.



• Displacement: 60cc

• Compression Ratio: 7.6:1

• Lubrication Ratio: 40:1

• Weight

-Weight of the Main Engine: 1.9kg

-Weight of the ECU: 110g

-Weight of the Fuel Pressure Regulator: 180g

-Weight of the CDI: 160g

• Propeller: 22*10; 23*8; 23*10; 23*12; 24*10

• Idle RPM: 2300 RPM

• Max RPM: 7800 RPM

• Thrust: 15KG/100 Meter Altitude

• Spark Plug Power Consumption: 12V/2000RPM(4W), 12V/6000RPM(12W)

• Power Output: 14V 180W (Optional)



-60cc Displacement
-Smart EFI Engine
-Power Generation
-Self-priming Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Stable and Reliable CDI Module


Your Purchase Includes:

Standard Version

1x EFI Engine
1x Engine ECU
1x Engine CDI
1x Fuel Pressure Regulator
1x Fuel Pipe
1x Main Wires
1x Operation Manual

Engine With Power Gen

1x EFI Engine with Power Generation
1x Engine ECU
1x Engine CDI
1x Fuel Pressure Regulator
1x Fuel Pipe
1x Main Wires
1x Operation Manual

User Manual

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