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    Siriturbo is a protocol converter for transforming data and commands from flight controllers to another gimbal camera. Object tracking is supported when it is used on FH and Seeker Series Cameras. During that process, the flight controller reads attitude data of the gimbal camera through Siriturbo and change flight altitude and attitude along with the movement of the target. Using it on Hybrid drones, you can monitor the fuel level in Ground Control Station, without which fuel levels can only be displayed on the liquid level display through PWM Output Liquid Level Senser.
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    This adapter hub integrates RC and datalink, where the receiver transfers the received signals from RC to PC through the adapter, and by another end of PC links the datalink ground end, from which signals are transmitted to the air end, realizing long range data transmission.
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    ASHIL II (AheadX Simulator Hardware In the Loop II) is a flight simulation system for UAV application. Being the upgraded version, ASHIL II is lighter and smaller in size. Using the X-plane 11 simulator, ASHIL II is able to provide detailed and real effect flight simulation in a variety of scenarios such as flight simulation switched among worldwide airports, weather targeted flight training or flight failure emergency response simulation, etc.
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    TAURUS-2/ TAURUS 2/TAURUS2 Guidance Navigation Control System is a highly integrated new generation flight control system designed for industrial UAVs like fixedwings, multirotors, VTOLs etc.
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    DL900 Datalink is an industry-level high-performance communication equipment with wireless serial port featuring 45km transmission distance developed by AheadX.
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    DG3 Dual Antenna Differential Positioning and Orientation System, Ubase, AheadX, RTK, PPK

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