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Foxtech Cygnus-120 Long Flight Time Drone

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Foxtech Cygnus-120 is a reliable drone with 60min (no payload) long flight time and max 5kg loading capacity for mapping jobs and long range inspection. 

Cygnus-120 is a weatherproof drone made from carbon fiber and glass fiber materials, features light weight, high strength, small volume and simple structure. The pluggable arm design makes it easy to assemble and transport.

The flight time of Cygnus-120 with two 6s 22000mah diamond batteries can reach 90min without payload, so Cygnus-120 equipped with gimbal camera such as Seeker-10 can be used for long range inspection, equipped with mapping camera such as Map-A7R can be used for mapping and survey. Cygnus-120 is operated with DA16S+ highly integrated radio system, which has 8km data link and rc range. Coupled with gimbal camera and mapping camera Cygnus-120 can be applied in many fields such as power line and wind turbines inspection, roads and bridges monitoring, search and rescue, map making etc.


Your Purchase Includes:

RTF Combo:

1x Cygnus-120 Hexacopter

1x Set of Propulsion System

1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set with Here 3 GNSS

1x Foxtech DA16S+ 16-Channel Radio Controller

1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service


Diamond 6s 22000mAh Battery

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