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  1. DG3 Dual Antenna Differential Positioning and Orientation System with Ubase
    DG3 Dual Antenna Differential Positioning and Orientation System, Ubase, AheadX, RTK, PPK
  2. GAMA PPK Kit for DJI PHANTOM 4 and Mavic 2 All Series
    GAMA PPK device is an efficient and reliable system designed for PHANTOM 4 and Mavic 2 all series for high accuracy mapping and photogrammetry, which can lower down project cost by reducing ground control points and yet achieve the better accuracy.
  3. Gama PPK MINI Pro
    Gama PPK MINI Pro uses high-precision GNSS, OEM board and built-in micro control unit, features mini size, low power consumption.
  4. CUAV C-RTK 2 PPK Module
    C-RTK 2 is a high-performance centimeter-level PPK/RTK positioning module for professional application fields such as UAV survey and mapping.
  5. AEROFOX F9P-RTK High Precision Positioning Module
    AEROFOX F9P-RTK is an integrated solution for positioning and heading reference, with centimeter-level differential positioning function, which is compatible with ardupilot and px4, the hardware port is compatible with hex and cuav flight control.
  6. CUAV C-RTK 9Ps High-Precision Positioning Module
    C-RTK 9Ps is a high-precision GNSS module supporting star networking and Dual GPS function.