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Tarot 1765 Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller CW/CCW(TL2948)

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Our unique carbon fiber prepreg inner pressure molding process.
Product curing process takes about 300 minutes, the final cure temperature 125, slowly boost the entire curing process mode, the maximum pressure up to 3mpa.
This production process can make the product discharge excess resin and volatiles from the inside out, effectively reduce CFRP article porosity(≤2%) , to obtain satisfactory interlayer adhesion, while achieving weight reduction purposes, to ensure the structural strength of the product propeller and quality to meet the design requirements.
Thus a unique process to make products to achieve a high strength, light weight, which allows the use of such propeller aircraft for longer blank time, while improving the vehicle's handling.
According to our test comparison, our propeller than other similar products to enhance the energy efficiency of more than 8%.

Material: Carbon fiber
Size: 17*6.5 inch
3mm mounting hole
Color: Black
Weight: 8.5g/pcs

Your Purchase includes:
2x Cw propeller
2x CCW propeller
4x Copper sleeve (internal and external high 3mm * 5mm * 3.5mm)

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