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  1. $1,099.00
    DJI,A3,Flight control,flight controller
  2. $51.99
    EFT V3/V3-E 480A High Current Power Distribution Board is for Agricultural FPV UAV Multicopter. The EFT V3 is suitable for quadcopter and hexacopter, EFT V3-E is suitable for octocopter.
  3. $79.90
    This is 1450MHz(1.4g antenna) high gain 11dBi omnidirectional antenna for long range transmission.
  4. $4,289.00
    XLink-30 is a point-to-point wireless data/video transmission system designed for industrial UAVs, ground robots and other data communication applications, featuring 30km long transmission distance. OFDM Technology, Wireless Mesh Network Transmission, Physical Layer Encryption Technology, Multipath Anti-interference Technology (2T&2R), 30km long range, 200ms low latency, videolink, datalink
  5. $3,289.00
    Foxtech EH30 Series 2/5/12 Megapixels Starlight Camera feature 30x-35x optical zoom with 3-axis gimbal, which support 720P/1080P HD video output with Ethernet port and 2.5K/1080P/4K HD video recorded in Max. 128GB micro SD card. Sbus control is also supported with an OSD module through Wincc. There are three versions to choose from: 0.001lux starlight EH30T, 0.05lux moonlight EH30 and 0.1lux dark grade/low light EH30GT. UV filter, CMOS 1/1.8″ large image sensor, 3-axis high-precision, ±0.008° accuracy, electronic and optical fog penetrate, target tracking, fast-assembly/quick-detach design, multi-platform mounting
  6. $1,799.00
    VDC is a highly integrated data transmission system which has datalink,videolink and radiolink built inside. It has two version: 5km version and 10km version.
  7. $799.00
    The D04 is a multi-link signal relay system that can simultaneously transmit up to two independent S-BUS data and one serial port data.
  8. $669.90
    77GHz millimeter-wave obstacle avoidance radar can display the distance and orientation of the drone to the obstacle in real time, has high detection accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, and is compatible with APM open source flight control protocol.
  9. $4,199.00
    The latest precision landing system for UAV has good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and compatible with a variety of flight controllers, such as Pixhawk, PX4, DJI A3/N3 etc. The landing accuracy is controlled within 10cm.
  10. $345.00
    Pixhawk 2.1 is open source autopilot featuring triple redundancy IMU system, vibration dampening system, anti-jamming and stability. And the GPS module features more accurate positioning, faster response.

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