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Foxtech Hover 1 Quadcopter

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Foxtech Hover 1 Quadcopter is called Human Eyesight Extension in the Air, which is invented for survey, inspection, rescue, tracking, and shooting, also can be a sporting drone. Hover 1 is equipped with high efficient power system, including T-Motor MN3508 KV380 motor, 1552 folding propeller and Foxtech Multi-Pal 40A OPTP ESC,  to ensure Long flight time  and make Hover 1 fly over the area such as highway traffic jam, fire place, flood stricken region, mountain, lake and coal area, where people can not reach and find out  the emergency situation, and then transmit signal and image to the ground station.  Hover 1 has two options of flight controller. One is NAZA-M V2 flight controller that is a very smart and easy to be controlled to fly way-point ( equal or less than16 way-point) and automatically land and return to original place. Another one is Radiolink Pixhawk flight controller that is very good at  making HD shooting and accurate map-survey in low altitude flight, also some other powerful functions like  automatic driving cruise, automatic landing and returning to make Hover 1truly be a mini quadcopter that meet all your needs. Hover 1 can be folded into a small size as ipad  mini and put into a packbag to go travelling and anywhere due to folding arms, propellers and landing gears and light and durable 3k full carbon fiber material.  Coming with FH310Z or FH310W 10x zoom HD camera and 3 axis brushless gimbal, Hover 1 can do survey, inspection, rescue and tracking etc. as your third eye. 


- Max air speed: 20m/s
- Max climb rate: >20m/s
- Long flight time: >50 minutes (no load)
- Light flying weight: 1.4kg only (battery excluded)
- Folding arms, propellers and landing gears
- Small floding size as Ipad Mini make it possible to put it in bag for travelling and going anywhere
- Two options of flight controller: Radiolink Pixhawk (with GPS) and DJI NAZA-M V2 (with GPS)
- Powerful and high efficiency power system ensures almost 1hour flying time.
- 3K full carbon fiber, light, rigid and durable

- Unfolding size: 640*640*280mm
- Folding size: 285*285*175mm
- Propeller: Foxtech 1552 folding propeller
- Motor: T-Motor MN3508 KV380
- ESC: Foxtech Multi-Pal 40A OPTO ESC(Simonk Firmware)
- Flight controller: Radiolink pixhawk flight controller (with M8N GPS ) or DJI NAZA-M V2 (with GPS)
- Take-off Weight:1.4kg (battery excluded)
- Flying time: >50 minutes
- Operating temperature: -20 ~ +50 ℃
- Suggested flight Altitude: <1000m
- Max air speed: 20m/s

- Battery: 6S 9500mAh Li-ion Battery
- Propeller: Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller (15x5.0) V2
- Motor: Foxtech  S3508 KV380
- Remote Controller: Futaba 14SG Radion Controller, Taranis X9D Plus Radio Controller
Hover 1 motor cover (red / black)
- Pixhawk ground station

Recommend Pixhawk Parameter 1
Recommend Pixhawk Parameter 2

Your purchase includes:
- 1 x Foxtech Hover 1 quadcopter frame
- 1 x Radiolink Pixhawk flight controller (with GPS) or DJI NAZA-M V2 flight controller (with GPS) or without flight control
- 4 x T-Motor MN 3508 KV380 motor
- 4 x Foxtech Multi-Pal 40A OPTO ESC(Simonk Firmware)
- 2 x Foxtech 1552 folding propeller


Foxtech Hover 1 Quadcopter is equipped with Foxtech EZ Folding Landing Gear from Jan.18, 2017.
Get more Foxtech EZ Folding Landing Gear


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hover 1 Review by Fitch
the purpose for this quad is agriculture and mapping, so i need one quadcopter that has a flight time of 30-60 minutes with a GoPro sized gimbal on it. this Hover 1 can fly more than 50 minutes, and the folding frame is comvenient for storage and transportation. (Posted on 6/19/2017)
hover 1 with pixhawk Review by jarednr
A good long flight time quadcopter that i am looking for, can fly about 50 minutes as described. (Posted on 4/26/2017)
H1 Review by Oleg
I have received the Hover 1, with the pixhawk flight control, also with one 6s 12500mAh battery, and the flight time reached 65 minutes as described (Posted on 3/22/2017)
hover 1 Review by daveip
I have built the Hover 1 and am quite impressed, use the 6s 9500mah battery, flight time about 55 minutes. satisfy with the quadcopter ,and also thanks for the good service of foxtech. (Posted on 3/17/2017)

4 Item(s)

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