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Foxtech Thor 210 Hybrid hexacopter

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Foxtech Thor 210 Hybrid hexacopter is a long endurance heavy lift hexacopter equipped with 6kW gasoline-electric hybrid power system.


· High Efficiency

Thor 210 Hybrid uses EFI engine which features easier starting, consistent power, better fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and less maintenance.

EFI engine can automatically adjust the fuel/air ratio via electronic controls to maintain optimal combustion conditions and determine the precise amount of fuel that the injector needs to deliver. By optimizing air/fuel ratios and ignition timing, EFI engine eliminates random engine stoppages and other problems associated with sub-optimal ratios, so it increases reliability and reduces the time and expense of maintenance.

Water cooling system keeps it within the proper temperature range under different operating conditions.


· Differential GPS

Thor 210 Hybrid applies differential GPS which features:

High reliability, since they have redundancy when there is a failure of signal loss in one of the GPS modules.

Attitude self-correction based in GPS.

Enhanced accuracy through the distance between the two GPS antennas installed in the drone, which makes it possible to obtain a suitable navigation estimation from a minimum distance between GPS antennas of 50 cm.

No need for the compass, so drones with dual GPS sensor can be used in situations with electromagnetic interferences, such as powerlines inspections, monitoring mining works in iron mines or other environments with strong electromagnetic fields.


· Strong & Convenient

Thor 210 Hybrid is made of carbon fiber material so it is very sturdy. The arms are foldable, as well as the propellers, which can save more space and make this drone convenient for storage and transportation. Thor 210 is also equipped with a durable landing gear to ensure a stable landing. It also equips integrated and ready-to-use propulsion system.


· Heavy-Lift and Extraordinary-Endurance

Thor 210 Hybrid uses 36 inch propeller to ensure long flight time. The max take-off weight is up to 56kg. We have already tested Thor 210 with a 10kg payload and its endurance is 2.5h.



Version: Foxtech Thor 210 Hybrid hexacopter
Operating Weight: 36kg(including battery, no fuel)

Generator weight: 9.8kg
Wheelbase: 2000mm

Unfolded Dimensions: 2100mm*1850mm*740mm

Folded Dimensions: 1200mm*1100mm*740mm

Take-off Weight: ≤56kg
Flying Speed: 5-10m/s
Endurance: 2h30min(2x 7s 12000mah, 10kg payload, 14.5L gasoline)

Max Payload: 20kg(excluding battery)

Fuel consumption: 700g/kWh

Working Voltage: 58V(14S)
Generator output: 6kW
Suggested Flight Altitude: 0~3000m


Your Purchase Includes (Pixhawk / X7 Pro):

-1x Thor 210 Hybrid hexacopter(including 6kW generator, propulsion system, flight controller, propeller, positioning module, fuel tank etc.)

-2x 7S 12000mah Battery

-1x DA16S+ Radio Controller
-1x Fuel Mixer

-1x K4 Battery charger

-1x Carrying Case
-1x Assembling, tuned and Flying Test Service




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