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S-RTK100A Portable RTK Module & S-PACK100 For SLAM100

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S-RTK100A is a high-precision satellite receiver, supporting world's major GNSS and multi-channel receive. Using multiple data transmission paths, as well as high-performance sensors, S-RTK100A can provide real-time differential data, so that it obtains centimeter-level 3D positioning data, to provide accurate and reliable system solutions for high-precision application needs.

The S-RTK100A can be used with SLAM100A mounting on S-PACK100 backpack, or used alone as a mobile RTK device, providing flexible applications and high-accuracy positioning data acquisition.

S-RTK100A supports 4G communication so that users can obtain data stably. High-level protection design, good waterproof and dust-proof performance, small size and lightweight make S-RTK100A easy to carry, easy to set up and use. SLAM100 working combined with S-RTK100A will no longer need control points and closed-loop routes in wide open spaces, so the scanning process becomes easier and faster.

S-PACK100 provides a platform where S-RTK100A, SLAM100 and external battery can be mounted together, which largely improves SLAM100 working efficiency. Hands free S-PACK100 weighs 3.65 kg without SLAM100 or power banks, and its size is 330*240*555mm.

The power bank suitable for S-PACK100 should have a power output higher than 45 W, a 20 V output voltage, and supports PD protocol. There are four places prepared for power banks inside the backpack.


S-PANO100 panoramic camera module is one of the extended accessories of the S-PCAK100. The whole body is made of aviation aluminum. After sandblasting and anodic oxidation, it makes the protection level reach IP66 and can work normally in the environment of-10℃ - 50℃. The S-PANO100 uses four starlight-grade fisheye lens with effective pixels up to 32 million pixels. With mobile APP control, it can quickly obtain 360°and 8K panoramic images. Data time synchronization can reach ms-level, which can meet the requirements of SALM 100 panoramic image acquisition and coloring.


S-Mobile100 is LIDAR scanner vehicle-mounted platform. with a total weight of 5.2kg, which can support the expansion of LIDAR scanner, RTK module, and power supply module, and support the SLAM100 to operate in the form of vehicle-mounted operation, which can greatly improve the operational efficiency of SLAM100. S-Mobile100 can improve the working efficiency while effectively reducing the physical consumption of operators, which greatly expands the flexibility of SLAM100 application.


Note: Please leave a note when ordering to tell us which country/region are you in since the 4G module of S-RTK100A will be different. Pay attention to the power bank specification requirements, if there is no qualified power bank available around, please contact us before you make an order.



No Need For Outdoor Closed-loop
No Need For Outdoor Control Points
High-precision Positioning|
Simple & Portable
Multiple Working Modes
4G/Bluetooth Transmission


Your Purchase Includes:


1* S-RTK100A

1* Aviation Cable

1* Memory Card

1* Card Reader


1* S-PACK100 (Excluding SLAM100&S-RTK100A)

1* Extended GNSS Antenna

1* Aviation Cables

1* Extended Rod For GNSS Antenna



1*Aviation Cable

1*Power Cable


1*S-Mobile100(Excluding SLAM100&S-RTK100A)

2*Mobile Power Pack 20000mAh

1*GNSS Antenna

1*Type-C Data cable

1*Power Cord


Extended Rod For SLAM100

handheld handheld handheld

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