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Foxtech MAP-102 Medium Format Mapping Camera

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MAP-102 with 102 megapixels and 44mm x 33mm sensor size, is a medium format camera producing high-quality images. Due to its light weight (365g without the gimbal), it is compatible with drones such as AYK 250, Loong 170, etc. to carry out mapping and survey missions. There is also a 2-axis version of MAP-102 so that it can be mounted on multirotor for mapping. The gimbal can operate on roll and pitch axis with roll=±45° and pitch= +45°~-135°.

102 MP provides MAP-102 a better image quality. 44mm x 33mm sensor size allows more content, greater detail, higher light-sensitivity and larger dynamic range.

MAP-102 reserves a high-resolution screen, making the setting of the camera much easier.

Map-102 supports max 256G TF card and HDMI/Type-C output.

With AYK 250, at 19m/s, 150m height, MAP-102 can achieve an 8km²coverage area in 4h with 1cm GSD.



- Medium Format

- 102 Megapixels

- 44mm x 33mm Sensor Size

- 365g Light Weight

- 256G Memory

- HDMI/Type-C Output


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1x MAP-102 Medium Format Mapping Camera

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