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Foxtech 3DM V4 Oblique Camera

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Foxtech 3DM V4 is an ultra-light, small size and easy-to-use 3D modeling oblique camera with total 120 mega pixels, which can be used to generate high-precision orthophoto maps and digital elevation models in many fields such as territorial planning, urban and rural construction, cultural relics protection etc.

Foxtech 3DM V4 is very light, only 673g; it has a fan as cooling system. 3DM V4 has 5 external SD card slots, which is convenient for image exporting, the total memory capacity is 320GB. With RTK system and ground control points, NAGA/NAGA Pro loaded with 3DM V4 can do 3D modelling with a good precision, up to 5 centimeter accuracy; With pre-processing software (LSV or Photomesh), POS data will be written to the photos, then using mainstream data processing software such as CC to generate 3D model.

Owe to the simple structure and light weight, 3DM V4 can be easily mounted on a variety of multirotors and fixed wings like NAGA quadcopter, NAGA Pro coaxial octocopter, Rhea 160 hexacopter, AYK-250 VTOL, Pegasus-230 VTOL to provide cost-effective 3D mapping solutions.


Number of lenses: 5
Camera Weight: 673g
Camera Size: 126x126x89mm
Sensor Type: CMOS
Sensor Size: 23.5*15.6mm
Frame: APS-C
Focal length: 25mm+35mmx4
Oblique Lens Angle: 45 degree
Pixels: 5*24.3 mega pixels, total pixels 120 mega pixels
Minimum Exposure Interval: 1.2s
Total Memory Capacity: 320G
Data Reading Speed: 45M/s
Input Voltage: 8-28V
Compatible Flight Altitude: 50-300m
Compatible Flight Speed: 0-23m/s
Working Temperature: -10°~40°

Your Purchase Includes:
1x Foxtech 3DM V4 Oblique Camera
1x Data Cable
5x 32G SD Card
1x Carrying Case

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