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Foxtech Map-A7R Pro Full-Frame Mapping Camera

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Map-A7R Pro mapping camera featuring full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor, 42.4Mega pixels, small size and light weight is specially designed for high-quality aerial mapping and survey. Map-A7R Pro has 3 versions: Standard, PSDK and 2-axis Gimbal Version.

Map-A7R Pro mapping camera is light, only 280g(standard version).The camera lens is interchangeable(35mm/40mm/56mm), and can be changed according to your shooting needs. The camera parameter can be adjusted by USB or button with the help of the micro screen. Map-A7R Pro has hot shoe feedback that can trigger the PPK module such as Emlid Reach PPK for precision mapping.

Map-A7R Pro with 2-axis gimbal greatly improves the camera stability during the flight, ensuring that the camera lens is always perpendicular to the ground, which is a good choice for orthophoto mapping.

Map-A7R Pro DJI PSDK version is for DJI M300RTK and M210RTK industrial drones, it is fully compatible with dji drones via SkyPort which is integrated with power, RTK signal, data and image transmission. The PSDK version weighs 345g.

With the light weight,small size and high quality, Foxtech Map-A7R Pro can be easily integrated into VTOLs and multicopters to do mapping jobs. It can be connected with PPK&RTK system to ensure a centimeter-level accuracy of aerial survey through a Hot Shoe signal.



Camera Weight: 280g(standard version)/345g(PSDK)/510g(Gimbal Version)

Camera Size: 108x78x43mm/108x78x65/325x325x230mm

Image Size:7952x5304

Sensor Size: 35.9*24mm

Frame: Full Frame

Pixels: 42.4 Mega Pixels

Minimum Exposure Interval: 1.5s(XFine),0.6s(Fine)

Total Memory Capacity: 64G

Data Reading Speed: 80M/s

Input Voltage: 8V

Compatible Flight Altitude: 50-300m

Compatible Flight Speed: 0-23m/s

Working Temperature: -10°C~40°C


Your Purchase Includes:

1x Foxtech Map-A7R Pro Mapping Camera Standard/Gimbal Version/PSDK Version

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