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THEA HEX Hybrid Industrial Drone

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THEA HEX is a high-efficiency Hybrid hexacopter equipped with a 2000W generator, featuring max 5kg large loading capacity, 7h long-endurance. Dual GPS design, advanced propulsion system and generator real-time monitoring ensure a high flight stability and reliability.

Dual GPS differential design, improving positioning accuracy, flight stability and anti-interference ability.

-No need for compass calibration; can be used in situations with electromagnetic interference.

-Dual GPS redundancy, ensuring high flight reliability even one of the GPS is malfunctioning.

-Dual GPS differential technology, greatly improves positioning accuracy.


THEA HEX Hybrid is equipped with advanced propulsion system and has good power redundancy, it can still fly or land in case one propeller or motor is gone, empowering you to overcome any challenge, safely and efficiently.

The onboard 2000W generator featuring easier starting and better fuel efficiency offers plenty of power to the high efficiency propulsion system to ensure 2hours of ultra-long endurance with 5kg payload. The generator is started with a radio controller through PWM or CAN-BUS signal, quick and convenient ; with a generator monitoring software, the generator working status can be displayed in real time, that greatly improves its safety.

Made of carbon fiber, THEA-HEX features high ruggedness, adapts to extreme weather conditions. With compact folding arms and electric landing gears, Thea hex can be folded in to a small size thus for easy transportation and storage.

Thea Hex hybrid with long endurance and large loading capacity can be used for mapping, inspection by loading up cameras like 3DM V3 oblique camera, Map-A7R II mapping camera, EH30-TIR 30x thermal camera, or it can even be used for supplies delivery.


Your Purchase Includes:

 RTF Combo (Pixhawk / X7 Pro):

1x THEA HEX Hybrid Hexacopter
2x Foxtech 6S 5000mAh Lipo battery(spare power supply)
6x Motor
6x ESC
3x(pair) 29 inch Propeller
1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set (or CUAV X7 Pro Flight Controller)
1x Foxtech DA16S+ 16-Channel Radio Controller
2x C-RTK 9P High Precision Positioning Module Pixhawk Sky End
2x Foxtech GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder

1x 11L Fuel Tank (with fuel-level sensor)
1x Foxtech Halo-2000 Generator for Hybrid Drones
1x Carrying Case


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