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  1. Foxtech 3DM V4 Oblique Camera
    Foxtech 3DM V4 is an ultra-light, small size 3D modeling oblique camera specifically designed for high accuracy survey and mapping such as territorial planning, urban and rural construction etc.
  2. Foxtech Map-02 Mapping Camera
    Foxtech Map02 is a lite version mapping camera with APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor and 24.3 MP. It is a good option for higher-quality mapping and survey.
  3. Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera

    Foxtech 3DM-MINI 3D photogrammetry Oblique Camera is very light only 791g, it is used to provide high resolution aerial photos to create 3D model on the city and buildings etc. It is a mapping, survey oblique multi-camera system for Pix 4D, Smart3D and Photomesh.

  4. FOXTECH 35mm/25mm F5.6 Lens for Mapping Camera
    Foxtech 35mm full frame lens and 25mm APS-C frame lens are fixed focal lenses specially designed for drones to do mapping and survey jobs.
  5. Foxtech 3DM Air Oblique Camera For Mapping
    3DM Air oblique camera features lightweight and small-size supporting built-in POS writing for professional 3D mapping.
  6. Foxtech Map-A7R Full-Frame Mapping Camera
    Map-A7R is a full frame mapping camera featuring 36 Megapixels and light weight, which is suitable for high-quality mapping and survey.
  7. Foxtech MAP-102 Medium Format Mapping Camera
    MAP-102 with 102 megapixels and 44mm x 33mm sensor size, is a medium format camera producing high-quality images for mapping.
  8. Foxtech Map-A7R IV Full-Frame Mapping Camera
    Map-A7R IV is a full frame mapping camera featuring 61 Megapixels and light weight, which is suitable for high-quality mapping and survey.
  9. Foxtech Map-A7R Advanced Full-Frame Mapping Camera with 2-axis Gimbal
    Map-A7R Advanced is a drone mapping camera with 40mm lens and 2-axis gimbal featuring full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor, 42Mega pixels and light weight, it can be used for high-quality aerial mapping like orthophoto.
  10. Foxtech Map-A7R Pro Full-Frame Mapping Camera
    Foxtech Map-A7R Pro mapping camera featuring full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor, 42.4Mega pixels and interchangeable lens is for high-quality aerial mapping and survey.

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